Post Present Future is fully equipped to handle most of your post production needs from Video Editing, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Mixing, Original Music Scoring, Motion Graphics and Color Correction. Prioritizing client satisfaction and sensible pricing. 


At Post Present Future we dedicate ourselves fully to each project, making sure we understand the needs of our clients. 

We work closely with directors/producers and pay close attention to every detail in order to achieve the ultimate goal of telling a great story.

We bring years of experience working in Film, Television, Reality Television, Documentary, Commercials, Shorts, Animation and Web based video.

We use: Avid Symphony / Media Composer and  Boris FX Suite


At Post Present Future we use our ears, creativity, experience and problem solving as our main tools. Plus, we use the latest technology available and a vast and constantly expanding sound library to fuel our creativity and deliver a sound product of the highest standards.


We focus on Film, Commercials, Reality Television, Documentary, Video Games and Web Video Formats and are open to any original project in need of our sound.

We use: Avid Protools10, Soundminer, Ableton Live V9, Cubase + Waves, Izotope, Native Instruments plug ins, and more...


Post Present Future delivers original music compositions that are fresh and cinematic.

Our work encompass a wide variety of styles and moods from ambient, rock, classical, electronica (and its many styles), experimental, score and more with an emphasis on original sounds and sound design applied to music.

We pay close attention to the intention of a story and create music that evokes the perfect psychological mood - bringing depth to the visual product.

We use: Avid Protools10, Soundminer, Ableton Live V9, Cubase + Waves, Izotope, Native Instruments plug ins, Bass, Guitar, Piano and more... Plus, we hire professional musicians and their instruments from a wide variety genres and styles.​